Just Eat

Storm Fagan

Chief Product Officer, Just Eat

Storm Fagan has been with European food-delivery giant Just Eat for five years, in which time the firm has seen stiff competition emerge in the form of challengers like Amazon-backed Deliveroo and Uber Eats.

In 2019 Fagan masterminded a project to try to give Just Eat an edge over its competitors — the hybrid platform. This essentially means Just Eat offers users a mixture of restaurants which use its delivery network alongside those which already use their own delivery, the idea being to make the platform more flexible in its relationship with restaurants. “What we're trying to do is really sort of make the high street community available online,” Fagan tells Business Insider.

Fagan is also pushing Just Eat forward by integrating machine learning into its back-end technology — in particular trying to get delivery logistics as slick and responsive as possible. She points out that a unique challenge for food tech is the incredibly tight end-to-end delivery times.

“There's a huge amount of optimization that can be done. If you change something that shaves two seconds off here, and you scale, that can have massive impact for the business,” she says.