Courtesy Photo

Selina Ambrose

Technical Manager, Promethean Particles

In July, UK company Promethean Particles bagged an Institute of Physics Business Innovation Award for solving a key fluid-mechanics problem enabling the use of supercritical fluids for the large-scale production of nanoparticles.

This breakthrough supports the development of a unique manufacturing process that enhances the scalability, safety, and sustainability of nanomaterials, whilst reducing supply-chain waste and cost.

While nanotechnology is still an emerging technology, there’s a perception that large volumes of high-quality nanomaterials cannot be produced to facilitate industrial implementation, or that nanomaterials are "too expensive," or that there are health and safety risks of handling nanomaterials.

Selina Ambrose tells Business Insider: “Our novel manufacturing process circumvents these challenges so we’re working to raise awareness of our capabilities and demonstrate how nanotechnology is not confined to small-scale research labs.”

Ambrose joined the company in 2012 (becoming technical manager in 2018), and she leads a team of research scientists and manages Promethean’s research-and-development projects.

"My biggest hope this year is to grow the business despite the global challenges with COVID-19," she says. "We have several R&D projects ongoing where we’re close to ramping up production volumes. Despite the pandemic, these projects are still garnering interest and financial backing so we’re aiming to progress these through to toll manufacturing contracts, which will allow us to expand our team by creating more jobs.”