Ryan Mayward

Sales Director, Amazon

Mayward is at the center of Amazon’s ascent to become the third-largest seller of digital advertising and break Google and Facebook’s stranglehold over the market.

He plays a critical role in making advertising one of Amazon’s fastest-growing areas — ad sales hit $3.9 billion in the first quarter, up 44% year-over-year — and a rival to digital companies and TV networks by pitching Amazon’s lucrative data about shopping and browsing habits to advertisers.

The ex-NBCUniversal salesman is doing this by spearheading Amazon’s relationships with the advertising holding companies that hold the keys to big brands’ ad budgets.

Mayward also oversees video and programmatic advertising, two of the most important ways that Amazon is courting big advertisers outside of its core search business. Amazon Fire is the e-commerce giant’s big bet on TV that competes for ad revenue from Roku, Hulu, and TV networks like NBCUniversal launching their own ad-supported streaming services.