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Reggie Browne

Principal, Global Trading Systems (GTS)

Said to be “the godfather of ETFs,” Browne has dedicated most of his career to exchange-traded funds. In his three decades on Wall Street, he’s held executive positions at some of the largest trading firms, leading their ETF efforts.

Most recently, he spent five years at Cantor Fitzgerald as a senior managing director and cohead of the ETF group before his team was acquired by Global Trading Systems in 2019.

At GTS, one of the industry’s leading electronic market makers, Browne serves as a principal, helping to oversee strategy and customer engagement as the firm looks to grow its business in ETFs, corporate bonds and wholesale market making. He’s also in charge of GTS’ strategic partnership with Mischler Financial Group, a boutique investment bank owned and operated by service-disabled veterans.

And as Wall Street looks to diversify its ranks, Browne is a powerful voice the industry can turn to about changes that need to be made to be more accepting of minorities. In June, Browne told The Wall Street Journal about his experience being the only Black trader when he started on the New York Stock Exchange trading floor in 1992.

“Unless there is a conscious effort,” he told The Journal, “it will be very difficult to diversify these institutions.”