Blue Yonder

Michael Feindt

Strategic Advisor, Blue Yonder

Michael Feindt has always been an innovator. He’s a physicist, data scientist, and professor, previously involved in the project behind the Large Hadron Collider.

He’s played a key role in the embedding of AI into Blue Yonder’s customer supply chain and merchandising processes, allowing manufacturers and retailers to respond faster to changing market conditions and customer dynamics.

Blue Yonder works with global manufacturers including Coca-Cola, Heineken, Unilever and PepsiCo to create autonomous, sustainable, and profitable operations through supply-chain management. During the pandemic, Blue Yonder’s technology has given customers the end-to-end visibility needed to identify problems in the supply chain as they are beginning to unfold.

“No one could have predicted the impact COVID-19 has had on supply chains,” Feindt told Business Insider. “As the virus is so new, there was little historical data to look back on for clues on how to respond. However, businesses that are using machine learning in their supply chains have been able to adapt quickly to the unfolding situation, using fresh data to advise how to react to current and future impacts of disruption.”

Changing consumer behaviour is also piling on the pressure for businesses to adapt and this has made supply-chain visibility and access to data more important than ever.

Feindt says: “Over the coming years we’ll start to see the adoption of AI accelerate, as COVID-19 has been a trigger for businesses to realise the important role it can play in building supply-chain resilience.”