by NENT Group

Mia Suazo Eriksson

Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President, Nordic Entertainment Group

The Nordic Entertainment (NENT) Group has grown to become a powerhouse in the European media world in the two short years since it was founded. Today, it’s the Nordic region’s leading streaming company, bringing together more than 50 brands to stream to 2.7 million subscribers to its Viaplay service.

As chief marketing officer, Eriksson is leading that transformation and building that audience.

“We’re showing just how much is possible when you bring together unique storytelling, great technology, and, most of all, very talented people,” Eriksson tells Business Insider. It’s also demonstrating there’s a world away from Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

The company has been a beneficiary of the pandemic: Subscriber numbers have grown 30% in a year, and NENT Group launched Viaplay in Iceland. It’s opening up for business in the Baltics in early 2021. Expansion is planned through to 2025, by which point NENT hopes to add 15 markets.

To do that, it needs to build out its content. This year the company is premiering 30 original series on the streaming service, and is “increasingly investing in English-language stories for international audiences, too,” Eriksson adds. It’s a fast-growth business looking to advance throughout Europe. "For a marketer like me, there's literally a world of opportunities."