Mei Yee Pang

Head of Asia Pacific, Global Practice Lead for Supply Chain, DHL

Mei Yee Pang has been a champion for innovation in the logistics sector.

In 2015, she set up DHL's first innovation center in Asia Pacific with the aim of driving investment in new technologies and business models throughout the logistics ecosystem. Now leading the company's consulting arm, she is continuing to push for change.

Over the past year alone, Pang has led a major blockchain POC project with a leading European auto-maker, deployed DHL Express’s first-ever automated guided vehicles in its South Asia hub and implemented an AI-driven temperature-management system in DHL Supply Chain’s Advance Regional Center in Singapore.

Pang, who has over 15 years of experience within DHL, recently shifted into a new role as head of DHL Consulting, a division she worked in before 2015. Her arrival comes with a healthy track record. When Pang was last there, she doubled the business by introducing an entirely new service portfolio.

"In an ever-evolving sector such as logistics," Pang told Business Insider, "the most important factors that influence transformation at DHL are our customer-centric approach that pushes problem-solving ingenuity, and our incredible employees who have the right tools and attitude to embrace change, ideate innovative solutions and advance digitalization."