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Meghna Jayanth

Activist, Writer

UK-based Meghna Jayanth is an award-winning video-games writer whose credits include narrative adventure “80 Days” and the coming open world title “Sable.”

In 2019, Jayanth launched Red Queens, a unique games-narrative consultancy, along with fellow narrative designer Leigh Alexander.

Apart from her creative work, Jayanth is an activist who's undertaken the gruelling task of trying to root out sexism and racism in the gaming industry.

This summer brought a resurgence of stories from women in the gaming industry who have experienced harassment and assault. That prominently resulted in multiple exec departures from French gaming giant Ubisoft off the back of disturbing allegations reported in the press and on social media.

Jayanth went public about her own experience of misconduct last year, and since then has been an advocate and support for people coming forward with their stories.

Her focus is also on bringing the industry up to standard on areas like enforcing codes of conduct.

“We have this tendency in tech and games to try and be really disruptive and really reinvent the wheel when it doesn’t need to be reinvented,” she tells Business Insider.

Gaming "is kind of at the bleeding edge of late capitalism, and the way workers are treated in the games industry and how they’re exploited, we have a moral responsibility to be reporting on it,” she adds. “The way the tech industry and the games industry goes, so goes the rest of the world.”