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Martin Bysh

Cofounder, Huboo

Serving nearly 300 e-commerce businesses in Europe and specializing in e-commerce SMEs, Huboo operates in a unique micro-hub design.

The company was founded on the back of Bysh’s negative experiences while setting up an online shop and discovering that no fulfillment services would work with him until he could guarantee high-volume sales.

The Huboo system makes a fulfillment service profitable while still catering to the needs of micro and SMEs businesses by breaking the warehouse space down into smaller hubs to create an ecosystem of connected hubs that benefit from scale, and design software that drives the distribution of products and reduces error rate. The solution works just as well for bigger businesses and quickly he started taking on larger brands. The company has been able to grow at pace throughout the pandemic and is projected to reach £10 million in annualized revenues, 800 clients, and 200 employees by the end of 2020.

Bysh tells Business Insider: “The pandemic has further accelerated the move toward digital-first retail and induced many thousands of independent retailers to branch out into e-commerce for the first time. However, smaller e-commerce firms’ fulfillment needs have traditionally been underserved by our industry, leaving many retailers to learn the hard way that, when the logistics sector starts to be stretched, their businesses are the first to be deprioritized.”

He adds: “We’re very proud to be a part of the solution for a growing number of UK e-commerce firms whose products are needed more urgently than ever.”