Poly to Poly

Marine Charrier

Founder, Poly to Poly

French company Poly to Poly is the eBay of recycled plastic, digitalizing the recycled plastics supply chain in Europe.

Today, recycled plastic makes up only about 6% of the total in Europe because it’s difficult to match recycled batches to buyers’ technical needs. Poly to Poly streamlines that process by being able to offer technical analysis on all batches.

Poly to Poly’s solution focuses not only on the supply chain and logistics of plastic waste but also on the precise knowledge of these complex materials, working towards better integration of recycled material into industrial production. The company wants to reduce the carbon footprint of the plastics industry as well as the amount of plastic waste discarded into the environment, while creating employment opportunities in the circular economy.

“We believe the future is not as black and white to decide to live in a world with plastics or no plastics at all. Our generation must take the challenge by the horns and turn available waste into resources, to make our planet great again,” Charrier says. “To accomplish this, we must design digital solutions to promote collaborative operations, increase the supply volumes of recycled plastic and make accurate use of the engineering of the material.”

Charrier says Poly to Poly plans to continue to conquer the European and international markets “by offering our service of sourcing, analysis and sale of recycled plastic.”

She adds: “We also aim to increase our knowledge of polymers to complete our artificial-intelligence project on the recovery of recycled polymers.”