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Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images

Maria Raga

CEO, Depop

Social peer-to-peer app Depop began as a fashion platform for sharing photos of, and selling, pre-loved clothes. But experienced fashion executive Maria Raga has made it so much more.

After working as a Groupon executive, Raga joined Depop as a vice president of operations six years ago. She took over as chief executive within just two years.

Although she says the business grew organically, the fashion platform has flourished under her leadership. Depop, which has over 15 million active users, is helping people age 26 form their very own mini-businesses.

Not only is it creating entrepreneurs out of millennials, it's also shifting the way people look at buying clothes on fast-fashion websites or off the high-street.

Raga is changing how people shop for clothes as they turn away from new clothes and therefore avoid waste.

Owing to the community-owned features of being “accessible, democratic, and inclusive,” Raga aims to further Depop’s effectiveness by offering users a sense of individuality and authenticity.

With limited editions of collectables and popular vintage-clothing going on sale, Depop is catering to antique enthusiasts and the growing need for ethically sourced clothing.