Louise Lindblad

Chief Operating Officer and Cofounder, Valispace

Louise Lindblad studied engineering physics in her native Stockholm, before writing control software for satellites for the European Space Agency. She moved to Portugal in 2014 and worked as a satellite engineer while starting up her own business, Valispace, whose software empowers engineers to build products such as satellites.

The company’s ambition is to “become the GitHub of hardware engineering: allowing engineers and designers worldwide to work together in a streamlined way, much as git has enabled efficient collaboration on software.”

During the pandemic, the company has been partnering with initiatives to develop open-source hardware solutions to the COVID-19 crisis, such as the CoVent-19 Challenge (developing solutions to the ventilator supply shortage) and Helpful Engineering, an international, open-source community incubator helping people develop ways to beat the Covid-19 pandemic and other critical issues.

When Valispace was first started in 2018, with Airbus as one of its first customers, it was partly through frustration that the tools to develop cutting-edge products were stuck in the last century. Lindblad told Business Insider: "In the new, competitive world of hardware development, only truly digital businesses will thrive. By using the right digital tools, talented engineers can spend less time digging through documents and more time solving problems and innovating."