Red Points

Laura Urquizu

CEO, Red Points

Red Points makes use of the various branches of artificial intelligence in fraud detection, helping companies detect counterfeit selling, piracy, and copyright infringement. When CEO Laura Urquizu opted to shake up the company’s approach to become more tech-driven, the company saw its growth accelerate.

“Everything was done manually previously, but now we have built a tool that is transformational in the market,” Urquizu tells Business Insider.

Red Points automates the detection and sending of infringement notifications using marketplace scanning and machine-learning-powered image recognition with customizable rules that let brands prioritize and automate enforcement actions.

In the five years since her appointment, Red Points has become a market leader in fraud detection through its software-as-a-service platform and raised significant venture capital to scale its global operations.

Urquizu is a highly focused leader, and recently launched a solution for what the company calls the "gray market" of real products being distributed illegally as it continues to grow its offering.

“I want more,” Urquizu says. “We are on our way but we can do much more to help many more companies and continue innovating through more sophisticated products for clients.”