John Schoolcraft

Global Chief Creative Officer, Oatly

Known for its unique advertising style, Oatly has come a long way from a little-known food processor into a fearless brand.

Schoolcraft was brought on to spearhead an entirely new vision for the oat-milk company, with the board especially keen on not having someone from within the food industry.

Although at first Schoolcraft questioned the presence of oats in milk at all, he managed to steer consumer preferences towards plant-based alternatives through statistics and scientific evidence.

His efforts in innovative packaging with a “weirdly designed, hyphenated logotype ending in an exclamation mark” helped Oatly contribute to a global movement of a more sustainable, plant-based lifestyle.

Encouraging Oatly’s contribution towards a plant-based society, he helped the company’s revenue double by transforming its packaging to reflect a modern vibe and to garner customer curiosity.

Being fully aware that people get bored by brands easily, Schoolcraft made sure that Oatly displayed unexpected messages on its products. Those include views on what’s going wrong with the food-market system, on race and gender equality, and on the pursuit of profit over people.

The Swedish nondairy-milk maker recently secured a $200 million investment that valued the company at $2 billion.

Schoolcraft wants to continue “consistent inconsistency” in everything that Oatly does to inspire people to make changes in their lives.