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Jenn Ryan

Senior Vice President of Global Network Operations, Xometry

Jenn Ryan started her career in manufacturing in one of the industry’s most entry-level positions at printing firm RR Donnelley. Nearly three decades later, she is working to redefine how companies build their newest products and solve some of the most pressing supply-chain issues, all while helping smaller manufacturers stay in business.

Xometry helps build custom prototypes for firms like Bosch, Dell Technologies, and NASA. When BMW needs to plan out its next car, for example, it taps Xometry to build models for every element of the vehicle.

While Xometry uses more advanced methods like 3D printing, it is also keeping one foot in the past, so-to-speak, so it can help clients that still rely on the more traditional manufacturing processes — like injection molding.

The firm also helps connect its larger clients with smaller manufacturers that can handle specific parts of the production line. That not only helps to keep those companies in business but allows corporations to diversify their supply chain so major disruptions — as from hurricanes or a pandemic — don’t grind operations to a halt.

“You don't need the same huge machines that you needed 30 years ago. Plus, all the files and all of the things that you need to get from clients are moving through the cloud,” Ryan says. “It becomes more and more possible for a small business, especially in this particular segment in custom manufacturing, to open and to make money.”

Xometry has raised $129 million in funding at a valuation of $370 million, according to PitchBook.