Jane Jie Sun

CEO, Trip.com

Jane Jie Sun leads not only the largest online travel agency in China but one of the largest travel service providers in the world.

The group consists of a number of travel brands, with Trip.com and Skyscanner being the most recognizable. The company originated out of Chinese startup Ctrip, which acquired the Palo Alto-based Trip.com in 2017 and merged its businesses under the new domain.

Sun became CEO in 2016, after 11 years with the company. She is one of just a few female tech CEOs in China and is committed to address the gender imbalance in business leadership. As many as half of Ctrip’s employees are now female, while females make up one third of executives in high-level positions, an uncommon ratio among tech companies.

Last year Sun became a main supporter of the Women in Health LEAD Fellowship at Harvard University, which aims to empower more women to become leaders in the health industry.

And while COVID-19 is disrupting the travel sector like never before, Sun has confidence in long-term resilience. “The current trends we’ve observed in the China market are encouraging, and we are confident that coupled with the guarantees, measures and innovations we’ve introduced, we’ll continue to see promising growth and new heights for the industry in the near future,” she tells Business Insider.