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Ingo Fischer

Chief Development Officer, Lidl

The German supermarket chain has won over the international landscape by making groceries ultra-affordable to the everyday consumer.

Leading Lidl’s expansion initiatives across the UK, Fischer’s initiatives directly respond to growing consumer demand for the discount retailer’s quality produce.

He’s not only the chief development officer at the company, but the chief executive of property procurement and development.

To create over 4,000 jobs for the struggling British economy, Lidl announced a $1.7 billion plan to open one store every week until Christmas. Following its push for employment, the chain plans to operate at least 1,000 stores in Britain by the end of 2023.

His endeavors to tackle environmental concerns came to the fore when Lidl announced an investment of over $32 million to install rapid electric vehicle chargers at all its new stores.

Fischer transitioned to Lidl’s UK business as a construction director in 2003 after working for the firm’s German operations. He rose to the role of national property director in 2004, and joined the board of directors in 2008. Under his leadership, Lidl has gained extensive visibility and a distinguished status as a front-runner in European retail.