Imogen Wethered

Founder, Qudini

Wethered’s startup Qudini enables retailers to manage in-person queues and facilitate booking for online events. During the pandemic, her software gained even more significance because of its focus on e-commerce.

Having founded her company in 2012 at 23 years old, she built a platform that saw more than 16 million customers who joined to avoid queuing. Qudini’s clientele includes Samsung, Tesco, NatWest, Standard Chartered, and many more. Her software helps retailers save money.

“We're seeing a huge uptake in brands working with us to offer their personalized services remotely through virtual appointments, and we believe this is a trend that is here to stay,” Wethered tells Business Insider.

Her retail-focused startup aims to establish improved customer experience for high-street stores by eliminating queues and offering a click-and-collect service.

"Queues were an iconic consequence of World War II rationing schemes, but with the smartphone technology now available to us three-quarters of a century later, it feels unnecessary that they should become an iconic part of the coronavirus pandemic," Wethered says.

During the pandemic, many businesses ramped up e-commerce as consumers transitioned to online shopping. Wethered’s service gave her clients a means to schedule store visits so that customers may queue remotely, while getting updates on their order pickups.

As consumers became wary of stepping out for nonessential purchases, many retailers were hard-pressed to handle declining customer footfall. Qudini’s software allowed organizations to make way for social distancing while engaging safe experiences for both customers and employees.