Holly Mesrobian

Director of Engineering, Amazon Web Services, Amazon

Serverless computing is expected to be the future of the cloud, and Amazon Web Services executive Holly Mesrobian is helping to pioneer the technology.

Serverless computing allows developers to build and run applications and services without having to worry about managing server infrastructure, which can help companies cut costs and save time.

AWS was the first cloud provider to introduce the concept in 2014, and its serverless product Lambda, helmed by Mesrobian, is transforming the cloud-computing industry.

Mesrobian, whose official title is director of engineering for AWS serverless applications, has worked for Amazon in a number of roles, including running the engineering organizations for Amazon Fashion and Prime Video. She took the reins of Lambda in 2018 and runs a team of software development engineers across the globe.

While serverless computing is still a relatively nascent technology, a host of other challengers have sprung up, with cloud rivals Microsoft and Google introducing their own competitive products too. There are signs that Lambda may have first-mover’s advantage, though: Nearly half of AWS customers used Lambda at the start of 2020, a huge milestone for a six-year-old product.