Duccio Vitali

CEO and Founder, Alkemy

Duccio Vitali’s Italian business-transformation company, which he established in 2012, introduced a new model to the world of business in Europe, he tells Business Insider.

“Our mission was and still is to support the top management of large corporations in improving, innovating, and transforming their business model thanks to all the levers of digital — media and advertising included,” Vitali says.

The idea of Alkemy was a combination of the C-suite consultancy services offered by the likes of McKinsey and Bain & Co., and the digital transformation projects more commonly developed by Accenture or WPP.

“Media and advertising is for us not a separate lever, but part of a broader transformation process,” Vitali adds.

In 2012, that was a radical proposition, and for many CEOs still clinging on to the old way of doing things, remains so. Convincing bosses that digital should be a priority remains Vitali’s biggest challenge, though it’s one he’s slowly winning. Current circumstances help make the case.

“The recent COVID-19 crisis has simply accelerated an ongoing trend which is transforming all sectors and companies,” he says. Alkemy itself isn’t exempt: In eight years, it has grown from 20 people to a staff of 650, and aggregated competencies. “We support the evolution of our clients by being ourselves in a continuous transformation process,” Vitali adds.