The Path

David MacDonald

Founder and Director, The Path

A growing number of investors are realizing their responsibilities extend beyond just making money for their clients.

David MacDonald says he recognized his job as a senior partner at a leading wealth manager clashed with his values, as he was directing people to invest in all kinds of environmentally damaging companies.

So he left the wealth manager in 2018 to found The Path, a financial advisory focused on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors.

MacDonald has given his team a dual mandate to grow their clients’ wealth and help them have a positive measurable effect on the planet. He sees savings, pensions, and portfolios as a valuable resource in galvanizing change and ushering in a sustainable future.

For example, people can throw their money behind green and ethical companies to reward them, and push fossil-fuel businesses to change by pulling out their funds.

“Long-term investors need to invest in the companies that are finding solutions to a sustainable future, and shun those that wreak destruction,” he says.

By prioritizing both financial returns and saving the planet, MacDonald is shifting the purpose of investing from earning income to also having an effect. Moreover, he is enabling people to leverage their savings and make a difference, making him a true agent of change in the industry.