Daniel Hannemann

Cofounder, Tesvolt

In June, electricity-storage-systems manufacturer TESVOLT was named top innovator of the year in Germany’s Top 100 innovation competition. The reason wasn’t just its rapid growth and agile organization; it was the innovative tech underpinning everything it does. (The company also received a nomination for a German Entrepreneur Award 2018 in the Rising Star category.)

Daniel Hannemann founded TESVOLT in 2014 following a career in web applications and photovoltaic systems, specifically for farmers who had their own solar or wind turbines. When his customers kept asking for more efficient storage units, he and his cofounder, Simon Schandert, used their savings to develop a prototype on Hanneman’s parents’ farm.

TESVOLT has since begun work on Europe’s first gigafactory for commercial battery storage systems in Wittenberg, working to establish new production facilities for lithium storage systems with an annual production capacity of over one gigawatt hour (GWh).

Hannemann tells Business Insider: “Storage technologies will enable the global breakthrough of renewable energies and secure the future of our children. What drives us at Tesvolt is the vision to bring affordable and clean energy to every corner of the world. The foundation for this is innovation.”