Chris Duddridge

Managing Director of UK and Ireland, UiPath

Chris Duddridge, UK and Ireland boss at enterprise software decacorn UiPath, is relentlessly focused on the customer.

UiPath is emblematic of the rapidly expanding robotic process-automation startup, which essentially aims to automate repetitive computer tasks to free up time for human workers. Duddridge’s role is selling that vision to new clients, and the company says it is seeing $400 million in annual recurring revenue.

“In my day-to-day life, I am inspired by our mission to accelerate human achievement and make work fun again,” Duddridge tells Business Insider. “The entire team has rallied behind our automation-first approach, automating any workflow that should be automated and take the boring repetitive tasks away from employees.”

With 20 years of experience working in software sales, for Duddridge customers remain a key focus. His UiPath brief is built around ensuring that his client-centric ethos is matched by the company’s rapidly expanding enterprise-software tool.

“I am a big proponent among customers that they don’t shy away from complementary technologies,” he says. “In the past, leveraging multiple disparate technologies was seen as a challenge. With RPA, we are proving that it’s easier than ever before to simply knit together best-in-class tools to service long-running workflows and business processes to great return.”