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Bertrand Swiderski

Sustainability Director, Carrefour

Swiderski has used many levers to make Carrefour a leading sustainability brand.

Leading its food-transition program, the sustainability director has relentlessly pursued efforts to offer more healthy and environment-friendly food.

Carrefour’s transformation program encourages customers to use their own containers when purchasing meat, fish, cheese, and bakery. This initiative not only helps cut down on use of plastic and avoid wastage but is also cheaper for the customer.

His implementation of waste-limitation projects, such as allowing the customer to buy a product and container that can be cleaned and reused, has led to large-scale sustainability initiatives.

Swiderski has been instrumental in executing bio-waste produce from Carrefour’s stores, which is then used to fuel trucks using bio-methane — which is ordinarily expensive.

His transformation of the French market has been led by sustainable efforts including contributions to renewable energy. He expects bio-methane fuel to become standardized for the French retail transport market.