Anthony Denier

CEO, Webull

Day trading has taken off, but it's meant an uptick in uninformed and speculative trading. Anthony Denier, CEO of Webull, is looking to change that.

Webull positions itself as a less gamified version of trading platforms like Robinhood, and offers features like in-depth research, IRAs, and a trading simulator, in an effort to keep investors — especially those in it for the long run — well informed.

Denier is a believer in technology and is actively developing it at Webull to give people access to the same advantages enjoyed by institutional investors.

"Who is our direct? Our direct is a little bit of everyone," Denier said referring to competition, in an interview with Business Insider. "We will go after the Robinhood demographic. We will go after the robo-adviser demographic. And we also want to go after the advanced-trader demographic."

Visits to Webull’s site grew to 4.4 million users in June, up from an estimated 850,000 in December, according to the web-analytics company SimilarWeb.