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Andy Davis

Angel Investor, Atomico

The police killing of George Floyd has sparked Black Lives Matter protests around the world and reignited conversations about racial inequality and the lack of opportunities for Black people.

“Moments like this always make people consider what they can do to change the status quo,” Andy Davis, an angel investor at venture-capital firm Atomico, says.

Davis is doing his part to address the problem. He’s the founder of 10x10, a community of Black founders and investors in the UK that has spawned spinoffs such as 10x10 VC and 10x10 Angels. He recently launched the 10x10 Fund with an open invitation to commit a minimum of £1,000 to be invested in Black founders.

Davis, who is an investor in residence at both Google for Startups and Capital Enterprise, advises 10x10 members on topics such as hiring, fundraising, building products, and finding customers. He hosts weekly conversations with Black founders where he advises them on pitching for investment and negotiating terms, and connects them with other investors.

Davis is spearheading efforts to make European investing more diverse and inclusive by raising awareness of underrepresentation, and providing financial, strategic, and networking support to Black founders. For those reasons, he makes our list of industry transformers.