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Mike Segar/Reuters

Adena Friedman

CEO, Nasdaq

It’s been a busy year for Friedman, who took over as Nasdaq CEO and president in 2017. There’s been the continued integration of Quandl, the alternative data provider the exchange group bought at the end of 2018. As more investment firms look for nontraditional and often unstructured data sets, Nasdaq has remained at the forefront of meeting those needs.

The exchange group also began streaming real-time market data to the public cloud to meet clients’ demands. Friedman has long been a supporter of Wall Street’s adoption of cloud-based technologies and all the benefits they offer — putting her ahead of a broader embrace of the tech.

But it’s not just Wall Street she’s been focused on. Under Friedman, Nasdaq has continued to grow its business marketing to entirely new types of marketplaces. From sports and gambling to healthcare and real-estate, Nasdaq has looked to lend its expertise to outside industries.

In addition to all that, Friedman has managed to keep the lights on at the exchange while it faced some of the most significant volatility the market had ever seen in March. Despite market circuit breakers — where trading is halted entirely — being triggered multiple times, Nasdaq was able to navigate the wild trading days without any major hiccups.